Whether you need a roof repair or roof replacement, the process always begins with an inspection. Whether your roof is old, has been damaged in a storm, or otherwise needs to be serviced, contact Rowley Roofing & Construction. We’ll take care of your problem and get your roof fixed quickly.

Is Your Roofing Contractor Licensed and Insured?

While it may be tempting to hire a local handyman to do your roofing work for you for significantly less than what a professional roofer would cost, the result might be that your roofing job doesn’t get completed properly, safely, or timely. Worse, when you hire a non-licensed and or uninsured roofing contractor to save a few dollars, you don’t have any protection should something go wrong. You have no way to hold them accountable, and even worse still, you will end up being liable if they get injured on your property!

You want to make sure that the roofing contractor is fully licensed and insured. This assures you that you will not be liable for accidents or damages, and it provides you with a measure of assurance that quality work will be done.

We Stand by Our Work

When you’re looking for roofing companies in Frisco, TX, you’ll always want to find a contractor who guarantees his work. Fixing or replacing a roof can be a large investment in your home, and it’s nice to know that there is a warranty on your materials and labor. If a contractor honors and stands by his work, then that is a good sign!

Any time you’re hiring a professional, you want them to stand by their work. It says that if the work is faulty, they will fix it. We expect this guarantee from our most basic service providers, so how much more should we expect it from a roofing contractor?

Rowley Roofing & Construction is proud to stand by all of our work, offering full warranties. We use the best materials, the best tools, and the best practices to deliver top-level finishes every time.

Opt for a Contract

When it comes to contracts, people are often skeptical. When it comes to a roof replacement or repair, a contract can actually serve as a protection for you. How so? A contract is a legal document that can be used to make sure a contractor honors their end of the bargain. By getting prices, dates, materials, and everything else into a written contract, you can hold the contractor’s feet to the fire.

Choose the Right Roofing Company

Roof construction is a very important part of a safe, energy-efficient home. That is why it is crucial that you take your time when searching for roofing companies in Frisco, TX, interview multiple candidates, and hire the one that you trust most. Rowley Roofing & Construction thanks you for considering us for your job. Call us today for a no-obligation consultation.

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