Perhaps you’ve got some leaking going on with your roof, or you have damage following a storm. Either that or you might just have an old roof, and you want to know what kind of condition it is in. In any case, you probably need a roof inspection to be sure that your roof is safe and that the integrity of the roof hasn’t been compromised severely. Roof inspections are necessary post-storm and bi-annually as a proactive means of protecting and preserving the structure of your home.

If you need a roof inspection in Frisco, TX, or anywhere in DFW, contact Rowley Roofing & Construction. We have the men, the tools, the equipment, and the expertise to perform thorough roof inspections in Frisco.

How We Find Leaks in Roofs

The first thing we do is analyze the roof from the ground. We’re going to be looking for visual damage and areas where water can potentially seep into the house or establishment. The problem with trying to find a leak is that the leak is never directly over the top of where you are experiencing the leak in your home. If you are experiencing leaking, we’ll look at where the water is entering, and we will also get on the roof to see what kind of penetrations might be allowing water to travel into your home or business.

Rowley Roofing & Construction Offers Windstorm, Thunderstorm, and Hurricane Damage Inspections

Rain, hail, wind, and airborne debris can wreak havoc on a roof during even in a routine thunderstorm. To make an insurance claim, you will first need a home or business inspection. Rowley Roofing & Construction can provide you with an itemized list of materials, damages, and cost of labor. We’ll even help you make your insurance claim so you can get your money ASAP.

When you hire Rowley Roofing & Construction for a roof inspection in Frisco, TX, we’ll get to the bottom of your problem and give you a real estimate of what your damages are and about how much it’s going to cost to fix it. We provide reliable, expert advice that you can count on. Following the inspection, if repairs are needed, we can perform the repairs you need if you wish to employ our services.

Call Rowley Roofing & Construction for Comprehensive Roof Inspections in Frisco 

If you need a roofer, you probably have some questions that you need to have answered first. These would be questions such as, “How long will the job take?” “Do you accept insurance?” “How much does it all cost?” Perhaps you need a brand new roof installation or a re-roof. Perhaps you need to repair an existing roof that just has minor damage. Choosing the right roofing contractor is a very important decision and one you will have to live with.

Remember, processing an insurance claim or getting the repairs you need to a damaged and or aging roof starts with a roof inspection. If you need a roof inspection in Frisco, TX, then you are in the right place now.

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