How to Handle Your Leaking Roof Until We Arrive

frisco roofersWhen homeowners suddenly realize they have a leaking roof, fear and panic can become overwhelming and make it difficult to determine how to handle the situation at hand. At Rowley Roofing & Construction, we believe it is best to educate our customers in case of an emergency so that when the unexpected happens, you are prepared. Your first step should always be to call our professional Frisco roofers to fix the situation in a timely and efficient manner. Below we discuss what you should do in the meantime before we arrive.

  • After calling in an emergency roof repair to our company, you should try to minimize as much interior damage as possible. Homeowners should move furniture and valuable items into a room that is dry to prevent any future water damage. We recommend finding the wettest spot on your ceiling; this often creates a bulge, to create a small hole to release the trapped water to prevent more damage. Place a bucket below the new hole to capture the water.
  • To help speed up the process when your roofer arrives, you can help locate the point of entry of the leak. This step could be difficult if it is raining outside or if your leak is on top of your home, which could be unsafe to check.
  • Until your help arrives, we recommend maintaining the leak with items such as a tarp, roofing tape, or roofing cement.

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