Common Signs You May Need a Roof Repair

Protecting the roof over your head is vital to keeping your home structurally sound and safe from the external environment. Since your roof is a large investment in your home, it is important to properly preserve and maintain its structure and functionality by being proactive with regular roof inspections.

Below our Frisco roofing contractors help homeowners identify common signs of roof damage that may indicate the need for a roof repair.

  • Damaged shingles that appear curled, cracked, or missing, could indicate the need for a roof repair. Typically when a few shingles go missing after a storm, they can be replaced easily, but when homeowners see a widespread problem of missing shingles, this could indicate the need for a new roof.
  • If you are noticing granules, pieces of shingles, and other debris in your gutters when you go to clean them, you may be experiencing a deteriorating roof. It is vital to contact our Frisco roofing contractors to provide you with a comprehensive inspection to view the damage of your deteriorating roof.
  • Although your roof is designed to have alternating degrees of pitch, ultimately your roof should be designed to feature straight lines. If you notice areas on your roof that appear to be sagging, it is important to address this issue promptly to prevent further damage.
  • Water stains present in your ceilings and smells of mold can often indicate that you have signs of moisture caused by a leak in your roof. In addition to wet spots, often homeowners will notice algae growing along their roof, causing concerns of moisture. Since mold is hazardous to breathe and algae can weaken the structural integrity of your roof, it is vital to have your roof repaired quickly if you notice these symptoms.
  • If you notice streams of light coming in while you are in your attic, this could be an indication that your shingles on your roof are missing. These holes could cause problems with water and wildlife entering into your attic space.

If you are interested in learning more our roof repairs, we encourage you to contact our Frisco roofing contractors. We provide comprehensive roofing inspections to review for any potential problems that could lead to extensive damage. Contact us today at (972) 668-0919 to receive a free estimate.