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Spring Cleaning Your Roof

frisco roofing contractorsAlthough winter is here, spring is just around the corner! At Rowley Roofing & Construction, we strive to encourage our clients to be prepared for the changing seasons. When it comes to maintaining your roof, comprehensive roof cleanings can help detect issues that need to be fixed and can help preserve the overall structural integrity of your roof. Check below to learn some common spring cleaning checklist items for your roof.

  • Clean Your Gutters

After the fall and winter, your gutters have most likely seen better days.  Cleaning your gutters free of debris and leaves is a great way to keep your roof in excellent shape. This is also a great time to inspect your gutters for signs of damage, such as rust and corrosion.

  • Roof Inspection

Our Frisco roofing contractors can perform thorough roof inspections during your spring cleaning to check for issues such as loose shingles and flashing.

  • Tree Maintenance

Trim back tree limbs and branches during your roof spring cleaning to avoid a future accident. Hanging tree limbs can fall on your roof, causing costly repairs and damages.

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4 Things to Look for in a Roof Inspection

composition roof frisco txAt Rowley Roofing & Construction, we strive to help our residential and commercial clients protect their homes by ensuring they have a safe and secure roof over their heads. Regular maintenance is essential when it comes to preventing future damage, which is why we recommend having a comprehensive roof inspection done twice a year. Check below to learn four things you should look for in a roof inspection.

  1. Look for areas around your property that have large amounts of moss, algae, and a buildup of leaves. These materials can often create significant damage to your roof with water damage and leaks.
  2. While walking around the exterior of your building, look for missing and damaged shingles. Missing shingles can be harmful to your roof because it provides direct contact with harsh weather and the sun.
  3. Cleaning your gutters is an integral part of roof maintenance. While cleaning out your overhangs look for signs of damage or open joins that can indicate reasons for a professional roof inspection.
  4. Buckled and curled shingles can indicate a more significant issue at hand. This problem is often caused by hot air seeping out of your attic and could cause weather damage in the future.

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What to Look For in a Roofing Contractor

roofing contractors little elm txWhen it comes to the roof over your head, it is important to have reliable roofing contractors in Little Elm, TX and the surrounding areas to ensure your safety. Rowley Roofing & Construction works hard to prove our commitment to our customers through our superior customer service and craftsmanship. Below we discuss vital services you should seek when looking for a roofing contractor.

  • Choosing roofing contractors that offer a wide selection of roofing materials will enable you to find a material that matches your overall design and budget. We offer many different roofing supplies to ensure you find exactly what you are seeking.
  • Our roofing company offers comprehensive roofing inspections to review your roof for signs of damage or weakness. This is a crucial component of your safety and maintaining your roof over the years.
  • It is important to seek a company that provides a gallery of their work to ensure you are receiving quality craftsmanship. Our online gallery includes an extensive collection of our past projects that showcase our attention to detail.

We are always interested in speaking to new clients about our services and our company values. If you are interested in learning more about what sets us apart from the rest, contact us today at (972) 668-0919.

Advances in Roof Technology

frisco roofersThe roofing industry has transformed due to the advances found in roofing technology. Property owners are benefitting tremendously from these advances by receiving efficient and dependable roofing solutions. At Rowley Roofing & Construction, we believe it is important to be educated on the new advances found in roofing technology in order to make smart decisions when choosing roofing materials and contractors. Check below to learn some of the new improvements in roofing technology.

  • Many homeowners are opting for laminate asphalt shingles as a substitute for conventional asphalt shingles because they are made to have multiple layers for added strength and durability.
  • Fireproof roofing technology has been a successful innovation because it allows homeowners to have peace of mind when it comes to house fires. Our Frisco roofers can apply fireproof coatings to your roof to help weaken fires and eliminate the spreading of flames.
  • The creation of polyurethane foam is a new form of insulation used on your roof to help protect against leaks and water damage. This foam material is applied to your roof before the installation of your roofing materials, such as shingles.

Improvements are being made every day to the roofing industry to increase the overall safety of your home or your place of business. If you are interested in learning more about the advances in roofing technology or you would like to schedule an appointment, contact us today at (972) 668-0919.

How to Handle Your Leaking Roof Until We Arrive

frisco roofersWhen homeowners suddenly realize they have a leaking roof, fear and panic can become overwhelming and make it difficult to determine how to handle the situation at hand. At Rowley Roofing & Construction, we believe it is best to educate our customers in case of an emergency so that when the unexpected happens, you are prepared. Your first step should always be to call our professional Frisco roofers to fix the situation in a timely and efficient manner. Below we discuss what you should do in the meantime before we arrive.

  • After calling in an emergency roof repair to our company, you should try to minimize as much interior damage as possible. Homeowners should move furniture and valuable items into a room that is dry to prevent any future water damage. We recommend finding the wettest spot on your ceiling; this often creates a bulge, to create a small hole to release the trapped water to prevent more damage. Place a bucket below the new hole to capture the water.
  • To help speed up the process when your roofer arrives, you can help locate the point of entry of the leak. This step could be difficult if it is raining outside or if your leak is on top of your home, which could be unsafe to check.
  • Until your help arrives, we recommend maintaining the leak with items such as a tarp, roofing tape, or roofing cement.

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Questions to Ask During Your Roof Inspection

roofing contractors frisco txAt Rowley Roofing & Construction, we strive to educate our customers on the importance of a comprehensive roof inspection. For many future homeowners, a home inspection is a part of the buying process, but we believe it is vital to have a professional roof inspection to ensure there are no significant issues before you purchase. Below we discuss essential questions you should always ask our roofing contractors in Frisco, TX during your roof inspection.

  • How Old Is the Roof?

The age of your roof can be a great indicator of the overall condition of your home. Although the average lifespan is about 20 years for a roof, this number is an estimate and can be altered due to the maintenance of the roof and the roofing materials.

  • What Are the Roofing Materials?

Understanding what your roofing materials consist of will also help you estimate for future repairs and costs.

  • Does the Roof Have Proper Ventilation?

Ensuring your roof is ventilated correctly will help to protect your roof from overheating. High temperatures can cause not only your electric bill to increase but will cause your roofing materials to become weakened and brittle.

  • Is the Roof Damaged?

Our roofing contractors in Frisco, TX will point out any signs of damage, such as cracks, holes, water damage, and more.

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Natural Things That Could Endanger Your Roof

composition roof frisco txWhen it comes to your property, your roof is one of the most important architectural features because it protects you and your belongings from the external environment. While your roof offers protection from the outside, there are many natural things that can pose a problem to the overall structural integrity of your roof. It is essential to be a proactive property owner to ensure your roof is always safe and secure. Below we list three things that can endanger your roof.

  1. Trees

Although having trees in your yard provide shade and beautiful views, trees can create problems for your roof if they are too close to your home. When a tree becomes too old, diseased, or struck by a storm, it can cause branches to fall and break through your roof.

  1. Algae & Moss

Algae typically are attracted to your roof during the warmer months of summer. If too many algae accumulate on your roof, your material can become weakened, creating a risk of collapsing.

  1. Moss

Similar to algae, moss forms in humid and rainy conditions and can accumulate on your roof causing a considerable risk of a weakened structural integrity. It is important to immediately remove moss when it appears on your home.

Whether you are interested in learning more about preserving your roof or you would like to repair your composition roof in Frisco, TX, contact us today at (972) 668-0919.